About Us

Grace Cottage began as an idea in 2016 when Regina, RN/owner, met Victor Russo. Victor was a patient of Regina's at the time and insisted that she were to open a Home Plus to care for others who needed nursing care. He helped her create business plans, introduced her to a contractor, and assisted her every step of the way. Above all else, he made her dream bigger and trust in God to see her through this journey. Plans seemed to just fall right into place without explanation and that was confirmation for Regina that she was on the right path.

Unfortunately, Grace Cottage was not able to provide a home for Victor Russo before he passed away. His legacy and impact will continue to live on through the home and work of all at Grace Cottage.

Now in 2020, Grace Cottage is able to expand the home and provide family, love, and care to more residents. Stay tuned for updates!